Ipad Pro Drawing Apps

As professional graphics designers and digital creators, we are continually seeking out applications that increase our efficiency and raise the level of our artistic contributions. One avenue we have explored includes applications specifically compatible with the iPad Pro. This article details various iPad Pro drawing apps, providing a comprehensive analysis of each application’s unique features, usability, and overall proficiency, all with an aim to elevating your digital artistry to new heights.

Overview of iPad Pro Drawing Apps

As we delve into the world of digital art, we find ourselves surrounded by tools and applications designed to enhance creativity and facilitate the artistic process. One of these tools comes in the form of iPad Pro drawing apps.

Definition of iPad Pro Drawing Apps

iPad Pro drawing apps are specific software downloaded onto the iPad Pro, designed to cater to the needs of artists. These applications not only replicate the traditional concept of drawing and painting but manage to do so with a sleek and convenient digital interface. With these apps, our iPad Pro can be transformed into a sketchpad, a canvas, or a graphic design tool at our disposal.

Importance of iPad Pro Drawing Apps

The importance of iPad Pro drawing apps can not be overstated. Imagine having the ability to create, edit, annotate and design artwork on a sleek, lightweight machine, and you begin to see the real potential of these tools. The applications are not just digital sketchbooks but fully-fledged creation tools that provide us with a wide range of options, from advanced editing and touch-ups to the creation of complex digital art pieces.

Common Features of iPad Pro Drawing Apps

As diverse as these apps may be, certain features are common to most iPad Pro drawing apps. These include touchscreen compatibility enabling us to draw directly onto the screen with a stylus such as the Apple Pencil, wide color palettes, zoom ability for precise editing, symmetry options, and customizable brushes. These features, combined with the iPad Pro’s outstanding display and responsiveness, offer us a fantastic platform for digital creation.

Benefits of Using iPad Pro Drawing Apps

The use of these applications brings several benefits.

Improvement of Drawing Skills

The iPad Pro drawing apps provide an excellent platform to practice and enhance our drawing skills. With customizable brushes, advanced editing and the ability to trace and adjust our work, we can continually develop our skill sets.

Versatility of Use

Regardless of whether we are professional artists, hobbyists, or simply people who love to doodle, these applications cater to various skill levels and areas of interest. From sketching to painting, from animation to graphic design, the possibilities are vast with iPad Pro drawing apps.

Portability and Convenience

One of the standout benefits of these apps is the portability they offer. No longer do we need to carry around heavy sketchbooks, paint tubes, and brushes. With our iPad Pro and a stylus, we can create artistic pieces anytime, anywhere.

Cost Effective

The majority of these applications are quite cost-effective when considering the amount and complexity of tools they offer. Gone are the days when we needed to invest in costly art supplies. Now, with a one-time purchase or subscription, we can access an impressive range of tools and features.

Popular iPad Pro Drawing Apps

Below are some of the most popular iPad Pro drawing apps available on the market.


Procreate is arguably one of the most renowned iPad Pro drawing apps. Known for its extensive range of brushes and tools, Procreate also features advanced layering and color blending options, making it often the go-to application for many professional artists.

Adobe Fresco

Adobe Fresco is another excellent tool for artists. Alongside a host of features similar to Procreate, Adobe Fresco stands out for its live brushes, which simulate watercolors and oils in a remarkably life-like manner.

ArtStudio Pro

ArtStudio Pro delivers a robust drawing, painting, and photo editing experience. It is equipped with a wide range of customizable brushes, advanced layer options, and a user-friendly interface, making it a tough contender in the realm of iPad Pro drawing apps.


ArtRage is designed to mimic traditional painting techniques using digital means. With tools and effects designed to resemble real-life materials, ArtRage provides us with an experience close to real world art making.

Paper by WeTransfer

Paper by WeTransfer is an intuitive and simple-to-use app mainly designed for sketching and notations. With its minimalistic interface, Paper lets us quickly jot down ideas and create basic sketches and diagrams.

Appropriateness for Beginners

User Friendly Interface

Most iPad Pro drawing apps have a user-friendly interface designed for easy navigation, making them suitable even for beginners. While some apps may require a learning curve, helpful tools and customizable settings make it easier for beginners to undertake the digital art journey.

Step-by-step Tutorials

Many of these apps come with in-built step-by-step tutorials guiding users on how to effectively use the different features and tools. These tutorials can aid beginners in understanding the interface and getting the most out of the application.

Customizable Brushes and Tools

Customizable brushes and tools give beginners the chance to experiment and find their style. By adjusting the size, opacity, and even the pressure sensitivity of the brushes, beginners can start practicing and improving their drawing techniques.

Advanced Features for Professionals

For the seasoned artist or professional, these apps offer advanced features that can help elevate their work.

Layering Options

Layering options offer users the ability to work on various elements of their drawing separately. It allows for intricate detailing and complex compositions without disturbing other parts of the image.

High Resolution Output

Most iPad Pro drawing apps produce high definition and high-resolution output, suiting the requirements of professionals, especially those working in the field of graphic design and digital media.

In-App Purchases for Extra Tools and Features

Many of these apps provide the option for in-app purchases, allowing professionals to buy additional tools or features that can further enhance their creative process.

Comparison of Costing Models

Free Apps

There are many great free iPad Pro drawing apps available in the App Store. While these might not have as many advanced functions, they provide an excellent starting point for beginners or hobbyists.

Paid Apps

Paid apps generally offer a broader range of features and tools. They are often designed with professional artists in mind, granting them complex features and premium tools to take their work to the next level.

Subscription Based Apps

Subscription-based apps usually offer regular updates and constant access to premium features, tools, and sometimes, a community of other users. This ongoing payment model can be advantageous for those who use their iPad Pro for professional purposes and require constant access to the most advanced tools and updates.

Reviewing Procreate for iPad Pro

Features of Procreate

Procreate offers a comprehensive set of painting, sketching, and illustration tools. With over 200 customizable brushes, advanced layering system and high-definition output, Procreate stands as one of the most advanced iPad Pro drawing apps.

Ease of Use

While Procreate comes with a plethora of features, it manages to maintain user-friendliness. Its intuitive interface allows users to easily navigate through the application, while online tutorials and community forums offer guidance and inspiration when needed.


Procreate has a one-time payment model. Users make a single upfront payment to gain access to all of Procreate’s features. Although it might seem like a significant investment initially, in the long run, Procreate proves itself to be cost-effective considering the number and quality of tools and features it offers.

Exploring Adobe Fresco for iPad Pro

Features of Adobe Fresco

Adobe Fresco’s standout feature is its live brushes, which closely mimic the behavior of real oil and watercolor paints. Aside from this, Adobe Fresco also boasts an extensive range of brushes and tools, advanced layer options, and a unique integration with Adobe Photoshop.

Ease of Use

As part of the Adobe suite, Adobe Fresco has a familiar interface that current Adobe users will find easy to navigate. For new users, the software might take a bit of getting used to, but Adobe provides comprehensive tutorials to assist.


Adobe Fresco operates on a subscription basis. Users can choose to pay monthly or annually. While this might seem costlier than a one-time payment, the constant updates, new features, and integration with the Adobe family make it worth the price for many professionals.

Understanding ArtStudio Pro for iPad Pro

Features of ArtStudio Pro

ArtStudio Pro offers a fully-packed variety of brushes, layering capabilities and blending modes, and top-tier photo editing features. It also supports the import and export of Photoshop files, potentially a game-changer for many professionals.

Ease of Use

The user interface of ArtStudio Pro emulates that of a traditional art workspace, offering a familiar interface for traditional artists transitioning into digital media. However, the plethora of tools and menus might take a while for beginners to navigate.


ArtStudio has both a free version and a Pro version that comes at a one-time purchase price. The Pro version provides additional brushes, filters, and advanced customization options and is favored by professional artists.

How to Pick the Right iPad Pro Drawing App

Choosing the right iPad Pro drawing app may seem daunting due to the sheer variety available. However, by considering our skill level, feature requirements, and budget considerations, we can make an informed choice.

Considering Skill Level

If we are beginners, it may be better to start with free or budget-friendly apps with an easy-to-use interface and basic toolset. As our skills improve, we might want to consider upgrading to more advanced apps with a wider range of features.

Feature Requirements

Do we require a large number of brushes? Do we need advanced photo editing tools? Are particular layering options essential for our work? The requirements vary depending on the type of work we do, and therefore, it’s crucial to assess our needs before making a choice.

Budget Considerations

Lastly, we should consider our budget. While some apps offer more advanced features, they also come with a higher price tag. We also need to decide whether we prefer a one-time purchase, or we are comfortable with a recurring subscription fee.

In conclusion, iPad Pro drawing apps provide versatile, portable, and cost-effective solutions for artists of all levels. With an extensive range of apps available, there is assuredly an application out there that can cater to our specific requirements and assist us in our creative journey.